Lovestruck πŸ’ž

Loving someone is wonderful and sometimes a difficult thing life offers us as humans. Honestly, I feel a tad uneasy writing a blog post about my love life. It’s not really in my element to brag about. I personally don’t enjoy to read other peoples relationship posts of how amazingly perfect their love life is. Because in realty nobody’s relationship is perfect. Everyone goes through some tough shit before it gets better and that is just the absolute truth. Without the hard times, I wouldn’t be at this level in my life or relationship.

Love really isn’t an easy thing and some people will disagree with me. Trust me, after being with your partner for a while you’ll understand. It’s not all fun and games. Love will strike you like lightening. It will tear you down, build you back up, but most importantly make you stronger than you’ve ever been. I have learned more in the past two years being with this man than I have ever learned in my entire 20 years being alive.

Everyone exaggerates their partner on social media into being perfect. Mine is no exaggeration. I know mine isn’t perfect, he is flawed but in the most perfect ways possible. Our flaws are what make us beautiful and stronger. It’s really our nature to be born with imperfections. I believe they make us who we are as people and shape each of us into unique individuals.

I believe it takes two years to fully get to know your partner. I know that sounds a little foolish but trust me, it’s true. You learn how to deal with their specific needs more each day. You think you know every possible thing about each other from the first month in. Then you’re in shock when you find out different sides of your partner you didn’t know were there. It really takes time to know every crevice. Its amazing how far we have come on our journey. We now live together and I have never been happier and more content with my life. I love living with my best friend. Goodnight kisses every night and cuddles every morning. You really start to appreciate the little things in life and feel so complete.

The most important aspect to me is that we never gave up on one another. We both have tempers from hell but we learned how to sort out the issues and learn from our mistakes. Without the bad times you will never grow stronger as a couple and as a person. Like they always say; stars can’t shine without a little darkness. Because of our expeditions together, and where we are now in our lives, I know he is my forever person. He could have given up on my crazy ass at any point in time but he never let go. He is my life coach, supporter, caregiver, lover, and well pretty much my absolute everything.

He taught me not to care what anyone thinks and to always do what makes you happy in life. Because life is way too short to spend one minute upset and unhappy because no matter what happens in your life it will always go on, so make the absolute best of it. Create your own sunshine and that is when you’ll be the happiest. It starts with you, everyday. I needed to learn to put myself first no matter what in life and that I did. He has made me live my life in a different way. But he definitely helps make life more enjoyable even on my worst of days. I see things I otherwise would have never saw. I wake up everyday with new ambitions and goals. He’s the first person I come home to with all my problems knowing I will always have a solution and that really makes life worth living. Having that endless support and a shoulder to cry on is so superb.

I have never felt more genuine care in my entire life. I have amazing parents but he has given me more than any parent could give a child. Because of this man, I have the motivation in my life to follow my dreams and never give up. I have confidence in myself to chase my dreams until they become reality. He gives me motivation to be better everyday. He’s the best 24/7 life coach and partner anyone could ever have.

I have never met such a smart, funny, and unique person that is so beautiful both inside and out like he is. He is so beyond pure and real. Absolutely nobody on earth compares to him. Our love is so wild and genuine. Having a partner that teaches you to be a better version of yourself everyday is absolutely amazing. He built me into the strong and independent women I am today. He makes me laugh and smile more than anyone else. I have never met someone who can make me laugh the way he does. He has been there with me for every step in my life. He lets me know how proud he is of me everyday and makes me feel like I am worth more than gold. He truly cares what becomes of me because he knows we are truly interconnected and wants the absolute best for the both of us.

I can be confident in myself because of him. He fills me with his energy in the kindest way possible. I have never been more comfortable and loved around another human in my life. My favorite little thing we do is we always fall asleep at night hand in hand. It has become such a rule that when I stay over at anyone else’s house I have trouble falling asleep comfortably without his hand gently holding mine. He has become my comfort spot and my rock. I truly hope everyone finds a love just as genuine and rewarding. A love that cannot be bought or taken for granite. Falling in love was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I owe him so much more than this blog post but love isn’t about showing it off or rubbing it into other peoples faces. I am not here for that. Posting this blog or not posting it will never define the immense amount of love I have for him. Real life experiences show us how much we are loved not posting on social media. I hope you’re inspired to find a love as deep and pure as you all deserve. Do not rush love because it takes time. Its like wine, it gets sweeter in time.